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JOINT COMPARISON - We recommend every musculoskeletal injury be verified via iskokinetic testing as soon as the Doctor/Physical Therapist (PT) will allow. This is to prevent symptom magnification, fraudulent claims, and/or malingering. The test is considered “cost neutral” to the company and pricing is insurance driven. The PT simply replaces subjective data with a 100% objective isokinetic test. Doctors and PT’s can use the data to support diagnosis and develop treatment plans.

We recommend completing a joint comparison prior to each doctor visit. The test results are provided to the doctor and employer in order to track progress. Doctors are expected to update employers on the status of the employee in support of the Company’s modified duty program.  As the employee progresses, the work restrictions are easily changed to reflect the documented improvement based on the test results. Employers use these reports to monitor the employee’s progress and make business decisions about replacement staffing or modified duty assignments.  

These are required by most companies as part of their return-to-work policy. The test is considered a medical exam by the EEOC and must be conducted by a licensed medical provider. Employers request the return-to-work evaluation prior to an employee being released to full duty. Prior to the last Doctor visit a Return-to-Work Evaluation will be completed to ensure the injured employee is back to pre-injury level.  The Return-to-Work test documents the employee is back to pre-injury level (as required by Workers’ Compensation laws). This also protects the employer from future litigation. A copy is sent to the treating physician and is used by them to release the employee back to work. Again, the Physical Therapist simply replaces the existing subjective testing with a isokinetic test during the discharge evaluation. No additional cost is incurred by the employer.

*Isokinetic Testing has passed the Daubert Standard, meaning its data is acceptable evidence in court cases.

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Post Injury Work Comp

Unified Therapy Health Services Provides:

       1.    Best Practices - We use modalities of heat and a consistent
              exercise program            
       2.    Communication -  You will receive weekly updates of your     
              employee’s attendance and bi-weekly physical therapy reports
       3.    Efficiency - We pride ourselves on efficiently returning
              employees to work
       4.    Control -  We help you stay in control of the claim, save
              money & prevent strength related injuries